About www.bondileather.com.au

We are Melbourne based Australian owned company specializing in leather accessories. Our styles are different, they are simple, yet fashionable. We use finest quality leather and aim to provide a personalize luxury product at an accessible price. We are strong in our core values and social responsibilities and ensure our leathers are sourced ethically. We strongly believe in providing equal opportunity, both in Australia and in our factories overseas. We always strive to get better in what we do, improve our processes, find ways to increase our knowledge and provide solutions that are more sustainable to mother nature. We are quality driven, and we ascribe great value to the expertise of our men and women who work hard to make each product unique.

Our Design & Craftsmanship

We invest endless hours in product designs that are inspired by timeless classic but modern styles. We look at how modern men and women use their accessories on a daily basis to inform our design process and keep silhouettes fresh. We have drawn inspiration in adventure, travel and culture that translates in our designing philosophy to preserve its originality and simplicity. At our artist's workroom, highly skilled leather craftspeople using only traditional tools and techniques, handcraft each and every product, devoting time, passion and expertise. This means that each finished item has been matured from start to finish under out watchful eyes to attain an unbeatable quality that our customers are looking for in a leather item.

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Our Leather

Most of our products are made of full grain cow hide leather that are ethically sourced from Northern and Eastern India. The hallmark characteristics of our leather differentiates them from other types of leather due to their toughness and durability, yet soft and pliable. Our leather has an intact full-grain quality which are more breathable and does not retain moisture. Full grain leather is often regarded as the most authentic type of leather because it keeps all the texture from the original hide, thus making it unique, distinctive and exceptional.

Our Core Values, Social Responsibility & Sustainability

At Bondi Leather our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation that helps to ensure each of our employees, from top leadership to entry-level, are working towards the same common goal and share a bigger purpose. We devote time and passion to provide highest quality product that are meticulously made by our artistic craftsmen and women. We work hard to ensure we run our business in accordance with industries best practices and with great respect for our people and mother nature. We are always in pursuit to find ways to improve our processes and continually seek new ways to improve our knowledge and technologies. We thrive to build long term relationship based on harmony, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the practice of fair work trade and equal opportunity.

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